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#70 Google Maps & Multiple Stops. What Does This Button Do?


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  1. Tip o Week: Google is Retiring Picasa
  2. Beginner’s Lesson: Google Maps Multiple Stops
  3. App of the Week: Google Cardboard

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Beginning Introduction: Coming to you from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Happy Valentine’s Day! We are happily celebrating our 23d!
3:41 Tip: Google just announced that they are retiring the photo management software Picasa.
Just because it is “Retired” doesn’t mean it is dead yet! You can continue to use Picasa software on your computer as long as you want. It works just fine. You can even download the setup file and keep it for installation on a new computer.
10:46 Beginner Lesson: Google Maps See Episode 26 also on Google Maps
iPhone demo: You can use Siri and ask “Navigate to ______” but, since Siri is an Apple product, she will perform the navigation using the Apple Maps software instead of Google Maps.
You can get Google Maps on an iPhone by downloading it from the App store. Then to navigate by voice, first Open Google Maps. Then you can either type or tap on the microphone at the top and say Navigate to ___________”
Once it is in navigation mode, you can still move around the map to look at something else, the voice directed turns will still be working even if you’re looking somewhere else. To get the view back to your route, tap the button “Re Center”
Then you will also see information at the bottom of the screen – How much time the route will take, How many miles the route is, and your arrival time. You can look at alternate routes  image or tap the 3-dot menu to get traffic, satellite view, or mute the voice.
To stop the navigation, tap the X at the left of the bottom info line. If you don’t see that info line, you need to tap ReCenter.
16:12 Google Maps on Android
You can say, “OK, Google” and once you can tell she’s listening, say “Navigate to ____________”
Once you’re navigating, you have a new button for Search. Tap on search and it will look for Gas Stations or Restaurants … along your route! If you see something you like, you can tap it and then Add Stop. It will navigate to that stop, then continue on to your final destination.You can only add one stop this way. If you want multiple stops, there is a way to create that route on the computer, then email it to your phone for navigation.
See this article and videos:  Google Maps and Multi-Stop Routes

To find this, or any article, on the Geeks on Tour website when you don’t have a link:
Go to and click on the Articles menu, then All Articles

Ctrl-F will let you search for anything on that page.

There are certain voice commands you can use while navigating. Here is Google’s help page with all of them. Voice Commands for Google Maps.

29:10 App of the Week – Google Cardboard, Viewmaster and Virtual Reality
You put your phone in the device, and then you run an App on the phone.  The Google cardboard app is what divides the picture into two parts to bring out the 3D. You can also download apps that allow you to take panorama pictures that can be used by Google Cardboard.image
36:09 REVIEW Questions

1.T/F To give a voice command for Google Maps using an iPhone, you use Siri

2.How do you turn off the Voice telling you where to go?

3.T/F If you’re in the middle of navigating, you need to exit navigation mode to search for something in Google Maps

4.While navigating to a destination, you can add how many extra stops?

5.How do you find a Geeks on Tour article about creating multiple destination routes with Google Maps?

Ends at 39:50 Complete Playlist of What Does This Button Do shows.

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