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#73 Fun with Phones: Tips and Tricks, Questions and Answers. What Does This Button Do?

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  1. Gadget o Week: Samsung Camera 2
  2. Beginner’s Lesson: Fun with Phones! Tips and Tricks, Questions and Answers

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Beginning Introduction: Coming to you from our RV at Thousand Trails park near Orlando Florida. We spend the day with grandkids yesterday and used Google Photos to make this little video. Near the end of the episode today, we’ll show you how we did it. Meanwhile, if you want to learn now, you can watch these tutorial videos on Google Photos:

3:52 App / Gadget of the Week
A real camera with a telephoto lens that is actually an Android tablet!
imageIt takes some adjustment to understand what you have in your hands. It is a WiFi Android tablet. You can read your email, use Google Maps and do navigation, install Apps etc. To take a picture, you tap the camera app, that will open the lens, then you can use any of the standard camera modes like Panorama, or slow motion video. You have a true telephoto lens that can be zoomed in or out with the dial on the top of the camera, or by spreading your fingers on the screen. You snap a picture either with the shutter button on top of the camera, or the camera icon on the screen. If you install Google Photos, you can set it to automatically upload all pictures taken with this camera to your Google account … whenever you have a WiFi Internet connection.
10:30 No Beginner’s Lesson today, we’re doing a Grab Bag of Tips

For Safety, when walking in the dark, carry your phone and leave the screen on. This is not for you to see, but for you to be SEEN – a safety light.
You should also know where your flashlight is, iPhone’s all have flashlight built in to the control center, just swipe up from the bottom of your phone to reveal it.
Androids, as of version 5.

13:05 Airplane Mode
On iPhone, you’ll see Airplane mode on that same Control Center (swipe up from bottom) On Android, you’ll see it in your setting shortcuts.
Putting your phone into Airplane mode turns off all your radios, making it a true Do Not Disturb, you can’t get any phone calls or emails or texts when it is in Airplane Mode.
15:12 QR Codes
Those square codes are readable by your smartphone, you need a QR Code Scanner App, there are many free ones for both Android and Apple. Chris demonstrates using QR Droid.
With a QR code you want to read, open the QR scanner and simply position the code on your screen. The app will read the code and take you to a web page represented by the code.
19:18 Finding a past Episode of What Does This Button Do?
Go to our website: and click the menu for Weekly Show.
Scroll down on that page and you’ll see a continuous listing of all the Episodes with links to the Youtube video and the Show Notes for Members. To look for a specific episode, do a Ctrl-F (Cmd-F on Mac) That stands for Find. You’ll see a little window open up in the upper right where you can type what you’re searching for, e.g. QR Codes. The Episode on QR Codes will be highlighted.
22:06 Set an Alarm/Timer
Rather than finding an app for setting a timer, you can use “OK Google” on your Android, or Siri on your Apple and speak, “Set a timer for 10 minutes” See Episode 35 for lots more.
23:44 Swype, Type, or Dictate?
Typing on these tiny keyboards by tapping one key at a time is tedious. Swype is an option on Android phones, and a downloadable app on iPhones. You can use one finger and drag thru each character to be typed, only raising your finger between words. If you are in a quiet area, you can dictate to your phone and it will transcribe what you say.
26:56 Viewer question about iPhone Camera Roll vs iCloud. What to do when your phone is getting full of pictures? iCloud is not meant to be a permanent storage, if you delete from your phone it is deleting from iCloud as well. You would need to download pictures to your computer before they are safe. This is why we like Google Photos so much, it IS intended to be permanent storage for ALL your photos – unlimited and free. You can delete from device after they’ve been backed up to Google Photos.
28:32 Magnifying Glass
There are lots of apps that will give you magnifying capabilities just go to your App store and search for magnifying glass. Chris uses an app called Toolbox. Magnifying glass is just one of the tools it offers. Open the app, then point your phone’s camera lens toward the object to be magnified and you’ll see it on the phone’s screen – just like you were using a regular magnifying glass! There are a couple of options – increase/decrease magnification and freeze the screen when you get what you want.
30:08 Ask The Geeks! In our Member Forum
Jim or Chris promise to respond to any question you have about technology, at any time, IF you ask it in the Ask the Geeks Forum. All prior questions and answers are available for anyone to read. So, for example, if you want to see if we’ve dealt with the issue of creating .pdf files, you can go to the forum, use the Search box, type .pdf and click Search.
If you want to ask your own question, you need to be a Geeks on Tour member, then select a category (Smartphones, Photos, Blogs, or Everything Else!) and click Add Topic.
31:54 Note to Self: using the OK Google command, you can speak a note to self that will be sent to you in an email.
35:05 How did I make that movie with the grandkids? With Google Photos of course!
First Chris shows the new buttons that were added to Google Photos this week.
To make the movie my first step is to look at the pictures and add the best ones to an album. Then when I’m ready to make the movie, I can just view the album, select all the pictures (by dragging thru them all) then tap the + in the upper right corner and choose Movie. Voila! You’re done, just wait a minute and you’ll see a movie with all those photos in a movie, complete with transitions and music.
39:31 REVIEW Questions

1.What is the easiest way to use your phone to set a timer?

2.If you’re outside in bright sunlight, and you can’t see your screen, try _____________________________

3.If you’re on a phone call, and you need to look up something else on your phone, what do you do?

4.How do you find a What Does this Button Do episode that covers a particular topic? E.g. QR Codes

5.Who can see the Show Notes for these episodes?

6.How can you ask the geeks any question and be sure to get a response?

Ends at 52:59 Complete Playlist of What Does This Button Do shows.

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