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#76 How to Print from your Smartphone. What Does this Button Do?

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  1. Tip o Week: Facebook Reactions with Longpress
  2. Beginner’s Lesson: How to Print from your Smartphone
  3. App o week: Snapfish

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Beginning Intro
Coming to you from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Land of beautiful clouds!
Photo slightly enhanced by Google Photos!
2:19 Show Notes from last week. Show notes are a benefit of Membership.
On last week’s show, we covered Longpress on a smartphone being like Right-Click on a computer. One useful technique is Copy and Paste. To get to the show notes and see instructions for Copy and Paste – go to our Weekly Show page and scroll down till you see Episode 75. Click where it says Show Notes and you can read thru the description of last week’s show. About 2/3 of the way down, you’ll see 25:57 Copy and Paste. You can read the instructions right there, or click on 25:57 to watch the Youtube video at the point in time that we demo Copy and Paste.
4:42 Quick Tip: Longpress on Facebook Like
6:52 Beginner’s Lesson: Printing from a Smartphone
First … Don’t Do it! View onscreen, or if you really need paper, use a service like Office Depot for documents or Walmart, Walgreens, Snapfish, or Shutterfly for photos.

Just like printing from a computer, you need two things:
1. Connect the printer to the computer
2. Need a printer driver
With a phone, you connect via WiFi – but how do you get the driver? … and we don’t call it a driver anymore.


There are a couple of prepared member videos about printing that we recommend you watch:

  1. How to Print from iPad with or without Airprint #334
  2. How to Print your iPhone Calendar #333
  3. Printing from Android phone or tablet #342
13:10 Jim describes how he was able to set up an old “Classic” printer – one that is not Wi-Fi, it needs to be connected to a Computer. He used Google’s Cloud Print to “register” that printer (thru the computer) with his Google Account. Now, any device using his Google Account has that printer available.
14:47 image

Demo: Chris uses the iPhone and wants to print some text from the Notes app.
View the note, tap the Share button (square with up arrow) Print, Select Printer. And she gets a message that reads, “No Airprint Printers found”
The phone can’t find the Airprint printer because it is not connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the printer. As soon as she connects to WiFi, the printer shows up and works!

If your printer is not Airprint compatible, you need to find an app that allows printing to that printer. Then you open the App and print from there.

19:13 image

Most Wi-Fi printers can use an email address. When you get the printer home, you need to log in to the printer manufacturer’s website and get an email address.
Connect your printer to the Internet via your WiFi network. Then you can get the IP address (from the printer’s display) and type it into a browser. This should take you to the appropriate website with information on your particular printer.
Once you know the email address registered with your printer, all you need to do to print is send something to that email address. It may take a bit of time because that email address is actually on your printer manufacturer’s servers. Once it is received, your printer needs to check its email to get it. This is done automatically – it is a smart printer! But, it won’t always be instant.
Note: you won’t have any printer options available to you. What you get is what you get. Realize that this works on Apple or Android – it’s just an email address!

27:11 image

No Cloud Print app on an Apple device, but you’ll be able to print from any App that is a Google or Chrome connected App. If it is logged in to your Google Account, it will see any Google Cloud Print printers you have registered.

Even an old printer, connected to a computer, can be registered as a  Google Cloud Print printer.
Official Instructions to register printers are found at:

29:16 image

Android: Settings->Printing. If this has never been set up you will see a message “No Services have been installed”. Go to Play Store to get Google Cloud Print. Now when you go back to Settings, Printing, you will now see Cloud Print. Turn it ON.
It will only see printers owned by the Google Account being used on this device. You can share printers you own with someone else:
Go to Settings->Printing->Settings->Manage Printers, tap a printer and share with someone’s email.
When they receive that email and accept your invitation, they will now have a defined printer in their Google Cloud Print services.

35:44 Comments

And, that “place” will most likely be the printer manufacturer’s server

A .csv file can be used by Word to mailmerge labels.


37:54 App o Week: Snapfish for Android or iOS or Windows Phone
Download the App and open it, then select the pictures you want. These must be local on your phone. If you use Google Photos and keep all your pictures in the Cloud, you need to download them first.
You can get prints, small and large. You can also get coffee mugs and other gifts.
Shutterfly is a similar app.
40:13 REVIEW Questions

1.To use Cloud Print, you must have a _____________ account.

2.T/F: To print using an email address, you must have a computer to receive the email.

3.T/F: To print using Google’s Cloud Print service, you must register your printer every time you want to print.

4.What website has the instructions to register your printer with Cloud Print?

5.To print using iPhone and Airprint printer, both the phone and the printer must be on the same _____________________.

6.For important, or large print jobs, use a service such as Office Depot for documents or Walmart for photos, you can email or upload files or use an app like _______________.

Ends at 43:50  Complete Playlist of What Does This Button Do shows.

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