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#82 YouTube on Mobile Devices–What Does This Button Do?

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  1. Tip o Week: QR Codes Playing Videos
  2. Beginner’s Lesson: Using YouTube on Mobile Devices
  3. App o week: ShopSavvy

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Beginning Intro: Coming to you from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The land of Flowers! image
4:59 Quick Tip: Scanning QR Codes to view a Video
We show a book of Chris’ Facebook posts that we bought thru MySocialBook. We were pleasantly surprised to see that they automatically added video posts to the book by creating QR codes.
With any QR scanner App installed on your phone or tablet, you can scan these codes and watch the video on your phone! We used QR Reader on the iPhone. We also use QR Droid on the Android.
For more about using, and making QR codes – see Episode 20.
7:40 Beginner’s Lesson: YouTube on Mobile Devices
A = YouTube App
B = YouTube mobile website on Chromeimage
Video takes the most data of anything you can do with your device. Using YouTube controls, you can lower the bandwidth used by lowering the quality of the playback.
12:23 Android Demo of YouTube App
Make sure you’re logged in with the desired account. Tap the menu option represented with the head and shoulders icon – this is your Account menu. This is a Google Account – e.g. gmail email address and password. Notice that your Account is where you access your “Watch Later” items or your “Playlists”
Searching for Videos: tap the magnifying glass icon in upper right to search for whatever you want in YouTube videos.
Minimizing video: when a video is playing and you want to go on to other things, tap the down arrow in the upper left to minimize video to the lower right corner.
Filtering the Search Results: tap image icon to the right of the search field, and you’ll see filter options such as date or length of video.
Searching: If you search and get more videos than you need, add more words to your search. Still don’t get what you want? Try different words – it’s an art!
Subscribe: When watching a video, you will see the name of the “Channel” that this video comes from. If you tap the Subscribe button, you will now see all subscriptions under the 3d menu option in the main option. So you can browse all videos made by your favorite video creators. If you turn on notifications, you can be notified when there are new videos for your subscriptions.
Quality Settings: Tap the 3-dot menu (5), then the gear. Choose a lower quality to use less data.Create a Video: If you see a red video camera icon on your App, you can tap that to immediately start taking a video, tap the start button to start recording. When you tap the stop button, you’ll see a next step to upload and the video you just recorded is on your YouTube channel!

Upload a Video: you can also use your YouTube app to upload. OR, you can simply view a video on your device, then tap the Share button and you can Share to YouTube.

27:19 iPad Demo
We delete the YouTube app to make the point that it is not necessary – it’s good, but not necessary. If you don’t have enough room on your phone to use the app, for example – you can open a browser and go to to watch videos using the YouTube website.
imageAccount: Check your logged in account by tapping the head an shoulders icon that represents Account
Help: While you’re looking at the main menu, tap the 3-dot menu in upper right to find Help
Subscriptions: Whenever you subscribe to a channel, it will be listed on your Subscriptions page.
Search: You can search for music videos. Then you can tap + to add favorite songs to a playlist. Note: YouTube Music is another app you might want to look into.


Closed Captions: This is an automatic free feature for most talk videos. Just turn it on and you’ll see text on the screen that transcribes what is being heard.

39:03 App of the Week: ShopSavvy
This is a Barcode scanner with lots of benefits. When you scan a code it will not only tell you about that product, it will also tell you other places it is available and the price there. It also gives you promotional info.
41:43 Review Questions

1.You can watch YouTube videos on your phone if you have the YouTube App installed, OR you can use _________________________________

2.Which setting will use more of your data? 480p or 1080p?

3.If you started watching a video that you decide you don’t want to watch, how do you close it?

4.Where is the Search button so you can find videos to watch?

5.If you find a video that you can’t watch right now, but you want to remember it, what do you do?

6.What does Subscribing to a Channel do for you?

7.Where do you find Help for your YouTube app?

Ends at 46:57 Complete Playlist of What Does This Button Do shows.

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