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#83 Google Photos FAQs–What Does This Button Do?

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  1. Tip o Week: Camera Flash OFF, ON, or Auto?
  2. Beginner’s Lesson: Google Photos FAQs
  3. App o week: Twilight

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Intro: Coming to you from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Look at that beautiful ocean! image
2:29 Weekly show notes are now available in .pdf format
4:37 Quick Tip: Keep the Flash OFF on your phone’s camera.
Other Android cameras may have the setting in a different place, but it is definitely there, keep looking!
9:01 Beginner’s Lesson: Google Photos FAQs
10:51 Is Google Photos Really Free and Unlimited?

imageSee this article I wrote after the show for lots more detailed information.
12:56 image
If you see a circular arrow icon on a picture it means that picture is waiting to be backed up. While backing up, you’ll see the arrows spinning. When they stop, your photos have been uploaded to your Google account online – in the “cloud.” Now you can delete the photo from your phone. If you tap the trashcan button, that deletes it from everywhere – it’s gone. If you tap the 3 dot menu in upper right, you’ll see an option to Delete Device Copy. This will free up the space on your phone, but you’ll still be seeing the photo from the web.
On iPhone, you need to also delete the pictures from the Apple Photos Album called Recently Deleted.
See these Member Tutorial Videos:

21:37 image

To get the Desktop Uploader, go to and click the 3-line menu. At the bottom, click App Downloads. Download it to your computer and then check the settings for what folders of photos you wan tuploaded.
To upload manually, you go to and click the Upload button image – you will be taken to a file window where you can navigate to the pictures on your computer, select the ones you want, and click Open to start uploading them.

OR, you can arrange your screen in such a way that the pictures on your computer are visible and your Google Photos library is also visible. Then just drag and drop from computer to Google Photos.

Member Tutorial Videos

24:33 image

The Google Photos library of all your pictures is private … period. Only you (or someone logged in to your account) can see them. There is no way to share your entire library. But, you can share any selected set of photos and get a link. Send that link to anyone – or post it on Facebook or your blog – and anyone that has access to that link can click on it and see the pictures you shared.

27:34 image

Albums are the way to group your best pictures together. Then you just view your albums rather than the complete library of photos.View your albums by clicking on the Albums button.
To make an album you select some photos, click the + icon in upper right, and then either Create a New Album, or select an existing album (scroll down to find) and click.
Sorting is not easy, right now, albums are sorted in Ascending Date order – the earliest picture first – and there are no options for sorting in other ways. You can change dates to force pictures into different positions, or you can manually drag pictures into new positions. To drag: open the album, click the 3-dot menu in upper right and choose Edit Album, now you can drag photos into new position.
Article: Changing the Date of a Photo
Article: Photo Albums Using Google Photos
Member Video: 397.Google Photos Relationship between Photos and Albums

32:34 image

Open the album you want to share and click the share button – on iPhone it’s that square with the up arrow, on Android it’s the slingshot looking icon. Tap that, then Get Link. The link has been copied to the clipboard (on a phone or on a computer) then you can paste the link anywhere.

34:17 image

You don’t actually “change” from Picasa to Google Photos because Google Photos cannot work with photos on your computer like Picasa can. So, keep using Picasa to work with the pictures stored on your hard drive, but now is the time to copy all those photos to your Google account online, in the “cloud.” Once they are there, Google Photos is the tool you use to work/play with them there.


35:56 More Questions
imageShutterfly and Dropbox are both examples of other cloud-storage services. If you’re using them and like them – no reason to leave them. But you should also start using Google Photos – it’s different: it is the best place to permanently store you entire Lifetime photos. Shutterfly is a great place to upload pictures you want to print, or put on a coffee mug, or a tshirt!image
See video #434 in the Google Photos series
37:52 Audience Questions

Will you do a segment on Blogger sometime?
We don’t see Blogger as a topic for Smartphones and Tablets, but we do use and love Blogger. We have a series of tutorial videos on it here: Geeks on Tour Blogger Learning SeriesPhotos taken on iPhone show up on Google Photos on iPhone right away, but take a long time to show up on iPad.
It’s usually an Internet connection issue.Duplicates between iCloud Photos to Android Gallery and then to Dropbox?
We recommend turning off iCloud Photo Library

Once you create an album, it looks like the photos still stay in the Photos library as well.
Yes, that is correct. Albums are just virtual groupings, the photos are stored in one place – the library. You can remove pictures from an album and they’re still in the library. If you delete from the library – it’s gone. It’s not in the Album, it’s nowhere.

Couldn’t you make an album, share the link, then delete the album?
Yes, but after the album is deleted the link will no longer work. So the person you’re sharing with would need to save your photos to their own library before you delete the album.

A welcome recent addition to Google Photos is the ability to comment on photos in an album.
Yes! We do like that one. Google Photos is updating with new features and bug fixes almost weekly! Stay on top of it all here.

46:31 App of the Week: Twilight
This is an Android App to change the lighting on your phone’s screen so it is a warmer, redder color at night. Easier on the eyes.
On iPhone, Settings, Display and Brightness, Night Shift – then enter the hours you want it to take effect.
47:58 Review Questions
1.Google Photos gives you unlimited free storage for your photos if you choose the size called ___________________________.2.To upload all photos taken by your phone, what do you do?3.Once all old photos have auto-uploaded from your computer’s drives to the cloud, we recommend uploading new pictures manually with:

  1. Cloud button on
  2. Desktop Uploader
  3. Drag and Drop

4.T/F – once you start using Google Photos, you won’t need Picasa for anything anymore

5.Although Google Photos stores all your photos in one unbroken stream of files by date, you can group photos by creating ____________________

Ends at 51:37 Complete Playlist of What Does This Button Do shows.

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