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#84 How to Use the App Store and Play Store – What Does This Button Do?

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  1. Tip o Week: Calculations with Siri or Google Now
  2. Beginner’s Lesson: App Store and Play Store
  3. App o week: Glympse

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Beginning Intro: Coming to you from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Land of the fiery red Royal Poinciana trees. image
3:19 Quick Tip: Calculations with Siri or Google Now
No need to search for your calculator, you can just talk to your phone and ask for a calculation.
Apple: to bring up Siri just press and hold on the home button (or if you have an iPhone 6S and you have the settings right, you can speak “Hey Siri”) Then you can ask things like “What is 18% of $120?” or “How many ounces in 200 milliliters?” or “How many miles is 150 kilometers?”
9:32 A viewer asks about using the phone as a Walkie Talkie. We directed him to look at Roger.
9:44 Beginner’s Lesson: App Store and Play Store
The Apple App store is for Apps and Games only. The Android Play Store is one-stop shopping for Apps, Games, and entertainment like music, movies and books.
On the Android there are also the Amazon store and the Samsung store.  You can also download some apps from non-store locations. We recommend against that. The only security issues we’ve heard of happen when you go outside the official stores for your apps. We are only covering the official stores.

Researching apps, buying and installing them, updating and uninstalling – these are the things you can do with the App or Play store.

15:54 Apple iPad Demo

1.Find Apps by Searching. On an iPhone you need to tap the magnifying glass at the bottom to open up the search bar. On iPad it’s already there at the top right. Just type what you’re looking for.

Note: on Apple, there are iPad only apps, and iPhone only apps. If you’re using an iPad, you can still install iPhone apps, they’ll just not fit the screen exactly and only in portrait mode.

Every App has a button next to it that either has a price, or it says “Get” – that means it’s free. You tap on that button to get it. It may also have an icon like image

2.Find Apps by Browsing: Using the menu at the bottom, tap on Featured, or Top Charts, or Explore to browse thru thousands of apps.

3.Find Apps you’ve downloaded before – these are called “Purchased” whether they had a cost or not. On iPhone, you find Purchased under “Updates”

4.Update Apps – manual or automatic, in App store tap the bottom menu for Updates to see all apps that need updating. This can be manual or automatic depending on your setting. See Episode 14 for a full show about Updates.

5.Explain Stars, Reviews, Publisher info: When browsing, take a look at the # of Stars in the rating, but also pay attention to the number of reviews, and read the full reviews

6.Show Purchase needing Password and how to turn requirement on/off
You can turn off the requirement of entering a password for free apps – Settings, iTunes and App Store, tap on the AppleID, View AppleID, Password settings, don’t require for Free apps. It will still ask your password when purchasing an app with a cost (in the video I couldn’t explain why it allowed a $purchase to go thru without password – that’s because of another setting “only require after 15 minutes” and I had just entered my password)

Uninstall apps on iPhone/iPad by longpressing on Home button till they all start wiggling, then tap the X on the app you want to uninstall.

26:14 Android Play Store Demo

1.Find Apps by Searching, either Apps and Games, or Entertainment. We’re just looking for Apps. To search, just tap in the empty bar at the top – that is the search field. Type what you’re looking for, be very clear on who the Seller is for the app you’re searching. Example, if you search for “Picasa” you will come up with some results, but none of them are by Google – so that’s not Picasa!

2.Find Apps by Browsing: pick a category – like health. Read the reviews, check out the number of stars but pay attention to how many ratings went into the average.

3.Find Apps you’ve downloaded before: look for the heading called My Apps, then you have the option for Installed or All – all means the apps have been downloaded sometime in the past but they aren’t on this device right now.

4.Update Apps – manual or automatic is a setting for each app. the Apps that need updating will be at the top of the My Apps list.

5. Payment method is found in the Play store, tap the 3-line menu, Account. To require a password even for free downloads, Menu, Settings, Require authentication for purchase, For all purchases … or not.

5 Uninstall – is also available in the Play store. Just click on the app, and you should see a button to Uninstall. This is also available in System settings, Application manager.

35:08 Viewer questions
NFC – Near Field Communications. Should you keep it turned off?
Realize you need to be very close – an inch or two – for NFC to work. But, if you’re not using it, why not turn it off? It does use some battery.
How do you make Chrome be your default browser on Android?  Head to Settings -> Apps -> All -> Internet -> Clear Defaults. Next time you do a search or open a link, you’ll be given a choice of which app you want to open it with. Select Chrome and put a tick in the “Make Default” checkbox and that should make Chrome the default browser
40:36 App of the Week: Glympse
Available for both Apple and Android. You can “send a Glympse” to a friend, when they open it, they will see your location and your direction and even speed it you permit it. It’s good for RVers to send Glympse whenever they’re on the road – kind of like filing a flight plan. See this newsletter article on Glympse for more.
42:47 image

Ends at 50:06 Complete Playlist of What Does This Button Do shows.

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