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#85 Father’s Day Bag o Tips What Does This Button Do?

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  1. Tip o Week: Screen Rotation
  2. Beginner’s Lesson: Bag o Tips
  3. App o week: Virtual Reality – A Walk Thru Alzheimer’s

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Beginning Intro: Coming to you from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We attended a Virtual Reality Expo this week. image
2:35 Quick Tip: Screen Rotation
imageTo change the setting on iPhone, you swipe up onto the screen from the bottom of the phone. That reveals the Control Center and it’s the last button that looks like a lock with a circular arrow.

To change on Android – the Samsung Galaxy S5 has shortcuts that are revealed by swiping down from the top. You’ll see “screen rotation” – just tap to change. Some Android phones call it “AutoRotate” If you can’t find any shortcuts – the long way is Settings, Display, Screen rotation.

6:29 Android Calendar Widget


The widget is the larger rectangle on the screen.  To remove that widget, longpress and drag to the top and drop it where you see X Remove.
See episode 31 for lots more about widgets.

10:47 image

Android: Settings, Lock Screen, Owner Information. Enter your emergency contact numbers, maybe start with ICE for In Case of Emergency. Make sure to check the box “Show owner info on lock screen” If you don’t find a setting exactly like this, keep looking – or consult the user manual for your particular phone, you will find a way to display custom text on your lock screen.

iPhone/iPad: Health App, Medical ID, Enter the emergency info and make sure to turn on Show When Locked. If you’ve done that, a first responder will be able to tap Emergency on the password screen and then Medical ID.

An alternate method for both Android and iOS is to take a picture of a card or a handwritten note that contains the emergency information and then use that picture as the wallpaper for your lock screen. There are also plenty of apps that do this for you.

Some viewers added: On Nexus 6P look for Settings, Lock Screen, Lock Screen Message
Or on another Android: Settings, Security, Lock Screen Message

17:23 image

Jim uses Google Photos and searches for “Gas Station” hoping to find a particular photo of his Dad. It didn’t come up. But, he searched for “Texaco” and it did come up.

Chris shows how you can enter a custom name for a face group. See the face groups by tapping on Albums, then People. Once the faces are named, you can search for “Jim and Devon” and it will filter all 50,000 photos down to the dozen or so that include both Jim and Devon in the same picture.
Then she selected several of these pictures and made a quick little slide show by tapping the + and making Animation.

21:31 image
iPhone/iPad: using Safari – to add an icon to your home screen for, Open the website, then tap the Share icon image then choose Add to Home Screen. Edit the name to make it short. tap Add.Android, with Chrome: Go to the website you want, 3-dot menu in upper left, Add to Home Screen.
24:26 image

Using Weekly show page as an example – we want to find the word “Widgets” on that page. On a computer, you’d do a Ctrl-F or Cmd-F on Mac. On Safari, you type the search word on the address bar, then scroll down the list of suggestions till you see “On this Page” and tap that.

On Android and Chrome, tap the 3-dot menu and choose Find in Page – then type your search word.

27:33 image

Looking for an App on your iPhone? Swipe your screen down from the middle of the screen. OR swipe the screens to the leftmost screen – that is the Spotlight search. Type Health and you’ll see the Health App. It will also show you any contacts, email, notes etc. that match your search term.

On Android, use the Google Search box. Type a search term and notice the option to “Search Phone”

30:30 image
If you have the Evernote App on either Android or iPhone, try this
Start a New Note, tap the Camera to add a photo to a note. Notice the tiny button in the upper right one option shows an icon of a mountain scene – that takes a normal photo – tap that button and it changes to a document icon. Make sure it’s on Auto mode with the Document icon. Now put the business card in front of the lens and just wait. It will find the edges, flatten it, and take the picture accordingly.
AND … if you have the Premium version of Evernote, it will even recognize the name, phone number, address and ask if you want it added to your Contacts.
37:49 App of the Week: Virtual Reality – A Walk Through Dementia
Since we attended a Virtual Reality expo this week, we thought it was nice to show that VR is being not just for games! Here is also a Youtube video on this app.
42:44 Review Questions
1.Every phone’s Lock screen should show info on what?2.If your screen automatically rotates, that means Screen Rotation Lock is ____________ (On or Off?)

3.To search for people by Name in Google Photos, you must first do what?

4.The built-in ability to search contents of an Apple device is called what?

5.Icons on your Home screens can be Apps, or _____________, or ________________ (Android only)

6.What is the name of the App we showed that will scan business Cards?

Ends at 47:29 Complete Playlist of What Does This Button Do shows.

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