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Computer Tips for Travelers and anything else that these Geeks feel like writing about will show up here! For additional articles on Picasa, see our separate site
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Regular system maintenence will save you money. A few simple tasks performed every week in this order will keep your computer in top shape.  It is also important to not invite malicious code into your system.  We call it BUCS – Backup, Update, Cleanup, Scan. Backup. You’ve heard it before. Hard drive crashed, no current […]

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10 Rules for Email Netiquette

My bet is that you didn’t have email when you went to school and learned other types of communication etiquette. Email has become our primary method of communicating these days. Some of the tips below address how to avoid looking like spam. You want your recipient to read the email, not throw it in the […]

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Traveling with Computers

We are on the road! After staying in and around South Florida since November 2006, we’re back on the road and headed for Oregon. I love the fact that traveling makes me ‘clean the house’ every day. I never was very good at ‘a place for everything and everything in it’s place’, but I’ve had […]

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